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One spring day two Tornado Technologies employees had a novel idea while looking at an Apple G3 cube that was converted into a fishtank... purchasing an official office fish.

Three tetra, a beta and a snail were purchased with a frog to soon follow. Once the tank's occupants were settled in, the next grand idea was to setup a webcam to watch the tank on line. An old Creative Labs web cam was hooked up, and the rest is history. Read about our second generation residents below and our first generation residents here.

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Tenant Bios

Hannibal: The first of our second generation residents, Hannibal is a red beta. He is far more aggressive than his predecessor "JC", which prevented us from introducing further for a few months.

Sly: Sly is a hard working fish, who spends his day keeping our fish tank algae free. If the world is a buffet, the tank is his personal salad bar.

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