Material Optimization and Operational Efficiency Software Development

When one of the 200 largest privately held companies in the US realized poor material optimization in their manufacturing process was costing the business a significant amount in annual lost profit, they turned to Tornado Technologies for help.

The result was a six-month development program for an algorithm driven tool that reduced scrap enough to pay for the original investment within the first year. This increase in profits is now being enjoyed by the business every quarter!

We Are A World Leader Helping Organizations Dramatically Enhance Production and Process Efficiency

Our clients enjoy faster turnaround times, lower costs and significantly superior customer satisfaction levels as a result of custom solutions designed and implemented by our teams.

Solutions range from improving order entry and internal document generation tools, integration of order processing and scheduling modules, raw materials and production capacity monitoring systems, and automated tracking of orders-in-process all the way through shipping, receipt and acceptance of finished goods and services by the clients.

Our team of developers is familiar with more than 35 programing languages and are equally comfortable sitting at our terminals generating custom code or working on the production floor to ensure that the software we develop integrates seamlessly with the material handling and production equipment (including the latest in robotics and IoT sensors).

Some clients have required solutions to permit newly installed hardware to support software written 20-years ago and designed to run in a legacy environment that is totally foreign to today’s GUI interfaces.

Others have requested software designed to control mechanical activities based upon the prediction of future location of items, and real-time analysis of external positioning data recently acquired over minutes, seconds or even fractions of a second.

Operational efficiency for sales organizations has been dramatically improved by providing the management team with mobile tools permitting the real time tracking of the sales team performance; including such metrics as number of sales calls by rep per hour or day, real-time updates of product lead-times, and even actual commission earned by rep and updated hourly!

What information do YOU need to make the best possible decisions each and every time?

These same types of tools are used to alert purchasing and production of impending larger orders that can significantly impact production schedules, as well as permitting the consolidation of production for orders of similar products coming from multiple sales reps in vastly different geographical locations.

Operational Efficiency Software Development

Whatever the challenge your business may be facing, Tornado Technologies has the experience and the resources to help you develop and implement the right software solution to make your production more efficient, and ensure your procedures are followed in order to make your company is more profitable.

We are looking forward to learning about the problems your business may be facing and to working with you to develop and implement the solution your company needs.

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Material Consumption Optimization

We sit with you to understand your material consumption related costs and related environmental impacts effieciencies you want to gain.

We then integrate custom engineered software applications to provide you a resource-efficient process to minimize your material usage waste.

Operational Efficiency

Just about every aspect of business processes from the office to the factory floor involves the use of technology.

Understanding how employees and workers interface (or avoid) the process flow can cause inefficiencies in your operations

We help you understand and resolve operational bottlenecks with custom software solutions.

Software Developers For Engineering Projects

Our programmers and developers are experienced designing custom software applications for production lines, chemical processes, engineered process, and warehouse tracking to name just a few.

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