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Tornado Technologies prides itself on our customer service by being receptive, responsive and understanding of our clients needs. We have developed a 4 part process we call PLUS Support to illustrate this commitment to our clients. It is more than a marketing gimmick, it is an agreement we have with you. Click on the headings below to read more.

Our Code Assurance Pledge removes much of the risk and costs associated with software development. Let's face it; it is very rare that newly developed software is completely "bug-free". However, you shouldn't have to pay MORE simply to fix these bugs.

Our Code Assurance Pledge assures you that Tornado will fix (at no cost to you) any bugs caused by the software that is developed for you. We also realize that sometimes it takes a while for a bug to "surface". That is why we allow you to try your new software for up to six months before determining if there are any “"bugs in the system."

Lean Operations
In order for Tornado to continue to provide our services for a very reasonable price we are constantly working to improve the efficiency of our internal operations.

Leaner Internal Operations: We use our own people to work in internal tools such as our OnTarget CRM system which as helped to reduce our overhead and allow us to get more information to you and to provide it even quicker than before.

Leaner Software Development: We are constantly investing in tools and training to allow our developers to accomplish more in lesser amounts of time.

Leaner Customer-Specific Development: Often we will create tools and methods specific to a customer to increase internal efficiencies.

Better understanding of your business and your industry will help us develop better software for you. We strive to understand your true goals for the software and not just the stated specifications. This helps us make decisions in “gray” areas. Additionally we conduct internal industry-specific training to better equip our developers to meet your needs.";

Customer Service is the driving force in everything we do. As a service business we understand that we grow only if you grow. Core components of our service include:

Flexibility: As you change we will be prepared to change with you
Accessibility: We meet your schedule not ours
Informative: We provide information as well as development skills
Responsiveness: Without response there is NO service

Plus Support

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