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Web App Development

We can help with the creation of application programs that utilize web browsers and web technology to perform tasks over the Internet. 

Mobile App Development

The Tornado Team can help with the creation of applications for phones, tablets, smart watches, and all other kinds of wearable devices which run some kind of mobile operating system.

Custom Software 

Tornado can build completely customized systems from scratch or they can simply make improvements to existing legacy systems.

Manufacturing Solutions

Creating solutions that are focused on improving efficiency with machines, inventory and/or processes.

Tornado Development Process

Tornado Technologies has completed more than 850 projects over the past 25 years.

These solutions include but are not limited to:

• Designing material optimization algorithms to reduce material waste for Fortune 100  companies

• Helping hospitals minimize patient wait times and improve customer satisfaction scores

• Helping individuals or businesses with “the next breakthrough mobile app” to make their dream a marketable product



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Our goal is to help your business increase your profit margin by allowing quicker decisions, increasing quality and production while reducing data processing time and raw material usage.

Some of Our Success Stories...

Tornado has exceeded all of our expectations.


Tornado Technologies is a very impressive group of talented and dedicated professionals. Their involvement has provided us with new business opportunities that we never thought were affordable. The amount of effort, energy and excitement that Tornado provided us, exceeded all of our expectations. We enjoy working with them very much.

Mark is technical, creative and has unique software solutions.


Mark is one of the few people in his field that is not only technical and analytical but is creative and has unique software solutions. Most typical programming companies aren’t on the Tornado’s level of creativity. Mark is a successful businessman and invests his time in bringing like-minded businesses together through networking, events, and his famous annual Chili Cookoff. He takes a holistic view to solutions, an unselfish approach to business and develops personal relationships with the goal to help other people.

Here are some of our clients...


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